USA - surcharge 15 Cents on 13 Cents

The tariff was increased to 15 cents on May 2, 1959. At the time of this change in tariff, the 13 cent coupons, which were in stock in the offices, received various surcharges, usually left at the initiative of each office. Below are some examples.
Lo-XVIn (17 w). Cleveland, Ohio 2.5.1959. The surchargeĀ“s first day. Lo-XVIu. Brecksville, Ohio 5.5.1959 Lo-XVIn. Chicago, Illinois 24.7.1959
Lo-XVIu (17 l). Newport, Kentucky 28.9.1959 Lo-XVIu. Encino, California 16.12.1959 Lo-XVIu. Oakland, California 15.1.1960
Lo-XVIn. Camden New Jersey 31.5.1960. Country name 50 mm. Lo-XVIu. Ventura California 3.11.1960. Lo-XVIu. Culver City, California 5.11.1960
Lo-XVIn. Portland, Maine 5.6.1961. Country name 50 mm.
Var.: White spots below and to the right of left Panel (flyspeck).
Lo-XVIn. Dayton, Ohio 12.4.1962 Lo-XVIn. Oxford 15.12.1962. Country name 46 mm.
Lo-XVIu. Hamilton, Ohio 22.10.1963. Country name 46 mm. Lo-XVIu. El Segundo, California 31.10.1963. Country name 46 mm. Lo-XVIu. Lawrence, Massachusetts 13.7.1964.
Lo-XVIu (17c). Indianapolis, Indiana 20.8.1964 Lo-XVIu (17n). Durham, North Carolina 8.10.1964 Lo-XVIu. Pueblo, Palo Alto 5.3.1965
Lo-XVIu. Alhambra, California 8.4.1965 Lo-XVIu. XXXXX 24.4.1971 Lo-XVIu. Alma, Mich. 15.9.1960
Lo-XVIu. Columbia 11.6.1966 Lo-XVIu. Dayton 15.9.1960 Lo-XVIu. Baumont 28.9.1961 (Year inverted)

Lo-XVIu. Mint

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